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Hello, my name is Michael Clevenger. My life is a romance with providence. I love Jesus, the least of these, worship, music, biking, intercession, traveling, theology, philosophy, non-violence, learning, listening, reading, adventuring, exploring, tea, writing, photography, coffee, stirring up others faith, good times, good sweet tea, & good BBQ-- not necessarily in that order. Check out my new blog "Gospel of the Kingdom" below.
  • As if Tumblr didn't need another Hye Sung Francis conversation
  • Francis: Does your mom speak in tongues?
  • Me: No, I wish!
  • I wish my mom was a big black woman sometimes.
  • Francis: HAHAHAHA
  • Me: Shoot, I wish I was sometimes.
  • Francis: HAHAHA
  • who doesnt
  • furreal
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  2. both-seeker-and-sought said: Truer words were never spoken.
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